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Wireless Security Camera System With Night Vision

Wireless home camera systems offer numerous benefits over wired security systems, such as flexible installation options. Lorex offers two different types of wireless security systems: wireless and wireless. Wireless systems use an analog DVR. Wireless security cameras provide monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and must be connected.

Wireless systems, on the other hand, include a dedicated DVR and wireless security cameras. These cameras are battery powered and only start recording when they detect motion.Both types of systems offer the same standard features as wired systems, including HD quality recording, infrared night vision, and motion detection sensors. They also use DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology to ensure a secure connection and minimize interference from competing wireless devices.

Save time and money on installation with a wireless security system. Without the need to lay video cables, wireless monitoring systems offer flexibility and convenience.

Wireless setup seamlessly

Just secure the wireless cameras in those crucial places, supply power by plugging them into a nearby power outlet, and the receivers (connected to the DVR) will pick up the signal.

Secure and stable wireless signals

State-of-the-art wireless signal technology maintains a reliable and secure connection between your wireless security cameras and the receiver.

Long distance wireless range

Wireless monitoring cameras can typically stream video to a receiver up to 500 ft / 137 m outdoors (with a clear line of site) or approximately 150 ft / 46 m in a home.

Remote viewing on mobile devices

Stay connected to your wireless security system with one of our remote connectivity applications. View live views of your property (or recorded material) from your mobile device or computer.

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Security Camera System With Night Vision