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Security Camera Mount

Fully adjustable with dozens of options for each installation! PanaVise is the only camera mount manufacturer that continues to produce options based on information from professional installers. Our representatives attend important security fairs not only to show our latest products, but also to hear our clients’ comments. You will appreciate our versatility and agree that PanaVise offers the supports you need for consistently clean and expert installations with no hassle!

Micro frames

For today’s smaller cameras, select from the PanaVise Micro Mount series with many built-in options and styling. All Micro Mounts are fully adjustable, will not slip when properly installed and are made of quality components. They are the affordable solution for all your smaller camera installations! Maximum recommended camera weight: 3 pounds

Dual option mounts

Avoid installing surprises. Each mount comes with 2 mounting options. One for T-bar: low ceilings. The other for hard surfaces like walls, panels, and hard ceilings.

Standard mounts

PanaVise manufactures the most versatile line of CCTV camera mounts in the world and is dedicated to providing the superior quality demanded by professional installers. Whether you need a mount with two adjustment points or two mounting options, you will never run out of the perfect solution when wearing PanaVise!

Specialty mounts

Our unique line of specialized camera mounts are perfect for professional installers who require innovative solutions. Whether you are installing a camera system in the vehicle for a private detective, avoiding a permanent obstacle, or placing cameras from the roofs of the warehouse, we have a camera mount to suit your needs!

J box electrical assemblies

We have created a complete line of quality brackets designed for single group electrical boxes or solid surface installations. If you are a professional installer, you will appreciate the versatility and agree that PanaVise offers the supports you need for consistently clean and expert installations with no hassle.

Camera Tree Mounts

A single mounting solution for multiple cameras.

Custom component system

With the PanaVise custom component system, affectionately called “Bits & Pieces”, you can build your own custom camera mount in the field! Solve complicated installation problems by mixing and matching components. Everything is modular and the assembly is very simple! Start with an adjustment knuckle, add a shaft (for ultra-low profile, you can connect it directly to a base), then select the base. It is easy!


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Security Camera Mount