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Security Camera Enclosure

Outdoor camera housings allow professional box cameras to be attached to outdoor elements by making them weatherproof. The CCTV cabinets below offer a variety of features, such as a heating blower or night vision, and make it easy to build your own professional security camera. CCTV professionals prefer camera cabinets because of the easy-to-replace component-based design of such cameras.

It’s easy to replace housings or box chambers inside if one fails. When making your selection, consider whether you need a heater / fan cabinet that allows cameras to operate in very cold temperatures from -40 ° F to + 120 ° F.If you need infrared for your application, consider the infrared night vision CCTV housing that provides up to 80 feet of night vision. These housings can be mounted to a wall or pole using the CCTV box bracket .